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elitencisicons's Journal

Good NCIS icons
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Good NCIS icons
elitencisicons is a community for high-quality icons from the TV show NCIS. Membership is by application only. The application form can be found here.

1. Read all the rules before applying.
2. At the top of your application, introduce yourself and tell us what journal you use for posting icons. If your icon posts are locked, you will not gain membership.
3. Also include 6-12 of your best, recent icons. They do not have to all be NCIS icons, but some NCIS icons should be included. What we’re looking for her is a variety of styles, so be sure to post icons from different batches.
4. If you are not accepted, feel free to apply again after two weeks.
5. If you don’t intend to post icons, don’t apply. You can friend the community instead.
6. If you can’t take constructive criticism, don’t apply. We aren’t trying to hurt your feelings.
7. If you’ve been accepted and are changing journals, comment on the application post with “journal change” in the subject line. You don’t have to reapply.
11. Don’t join unless you’ve been accepted. You can check your invites here.

1. This community is for icon posts.
2. The maximum number of teaser icons is 4. If you are posting more icons than this, put them behind an lj-cut or link to a post somewhere else.
3. Include at least one NCIS icon in your teaser icons.
4. Do not link to locked posts.

1. Comment when taking.
2. Credit the icon’s creator.
3. Do not hotlink.
4. Follow the icon maker’s individlual rules.
5. Feel free to watch the community.


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